Male Body Hair Removal

Male Body Hair Removal

Male Body Hair Removal | 3 Cheap Ways To Remove Hair

Hair removal has become a hot topic over the past decade, even more so for men. Male body hair removal never had the amount of popularity in the past as it does today and was generally thought of as more of a “female beauty” thing. Now more than ever, men are looking for solutions to body hair.

The first, and by far the most well-known, method is shaving. It can be used on virtually any body part, and is the go-to method for men who like the feel of a close shave. This method works best if you have light or fine hair. A sharp blade makes the world of difference when it comes to shave quality and potential discomfort.  The downside to this method is

the relatively quick return of hair and the potential for cuts and razor burn, but in a pinch, this is the quickest and least expensive hair removal method.

The second method is the use of a depilatory cream. These are chemical-based creams that remove hair by breaking down the hair structure itself. The cream is applied to the area and removed after five to ten minutes. The results last longer than shaving, but you can expect to see hair resurfacing after a few days. The biggest issue with this method is it is a chemical and can cause reactions on the skin. Always apply a test patch first. Some people may have an instant reaction or may feel itching or burning within hours of application. Make sure to follow the instruction and never leave the cream on too long.

The third method involves waxing or sugaring. Both methods involve pulling sections of hair out by the roots. There are several over-the-counter products for use at home or you can have it done professionally. The results last from two to six weeks depending on the type of hair removed. It should be noted this method can be extremely painful depending on the area of the body treated. It can also cause inflammation of the hair follicle and/or ingrown hair, but it is much less expensive than laser removal or electrolysis.


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